Providing Gas Cards in Winter

During winter, when the Minnesota cold winds blow, our community members who do not have immediate access to a warm, safe, abode are forced to use their automobiles for warmth and shelter. This means they are entirely dependent upon keeping the vehicle running. It quickly became apparent that a primary need for these humans is ability to pay for gasoline. Thus, one of our initial missions was to solicit all fo the generous Givers in our Maple Grove community for a supply of gas cards so a basic human need of a warm shelter could be fulfilled.

Helping Students in the Schools

Volunteers from our Giver community have sign-ed up to become liaisons to schools in our area. The liaisons are developing relationships with the schools to identify immediate needs for students as they return to the classroom this fall. Immediate needs that are being served include basic clothes items (shirts, pants, etc.) so that if a student arrives at school who may not have the means to acquire appropriate school attire, the donated items can be distributed to those students in need.